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If this can be performed via the fellow, it is crucial that later on the lady do it a similar manner, simply because those routes symbolize the most power meridians. Massages could be very intriguing, specifically if played with a few form of moisturizing oil or cream. This spot stimulates the awakening of the goddess. The sensorial stimuli are followed through the visualization of the guts and a complete specialize in actual excitement. For the girl, it will likely be extremely important to have definite components prompted consistently, comparable to the clitoris and the G-spot.

Disciplined focus by means of the guy will let him to hold up ejaculation and accordingly hold an erection for an extended time. How will we reap the benefits of this erotic details inside our achieve? D e v e l o p i n g Erotic I n t e l l i g e n c e in the course of sexual touch, focus is helping us realize the body's quite a few textures, that are limitless and sophisticated.

Take a handkerchief and canopy your eyes, focusing all of your recognition on caressing one another. For this reason, the Kama Sutra is not only sex, as the West tends to see it, but it also includes forms and laws for appropriate behavior that both men and women ought to know, not only for the purpose of being experts on the Kama, but because knowledge of these arts will allow them to overcome any situation, anywhere and under any circumstances.

Many sustain that Tantra is found in the origin of all yoga, but there is no agreement in this regard. What is true is that the ori- gins of these ancient Indian traditions are lost in the mist of history. The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit root word yug, meaning "union. This "union" is like mixing water with sugar—separately each has its own characteris- tics, taste, color, and appearance, but when mixed together they lose their differences, and we get sweet water—the water has been sugared, and the sugar is now a liquid.

Yoga means the ultimate unification of the microcosm and macrocosm. Tantra is the practical method for divine light to become manifest within each human heart in this material world. A human being without his or her divine spark is not a complete human being, and that's where the most beautiful secret of all lies. Tantra Yoga Exercises for a Wondrous Sexual Union Tantra yoga sees sexual union as a union of body and soul, of male and female principles, of sexuality and spirituality.

In Tantra, the most im- portant sexual organ is the mind. In order to enjoy a full sexual life, we need to pay attention to both the psychological aspects, since the mind plays a preponderant role in human relations, and the physical aspects, such as breathing ex- ercises, yoga, proper nutrition, and a good attitude. The more people understand this, the more they will stop con- suming stimulants.

T h e practice of yoga, or any of the various Taoist gymnastic exercises, is a powerful activator, free of costs and side ef- fects, and accepted by modern sexology, which relies on and trusts the ancient exercises developed by Tantra and Taoism. Ancient Practices Here we will explain in detail some practices that will greatly help in achieving sexual fulfillment. Primary Breathing First, get "on all fours," with your hands and knees on the floor. Upon inhaling, lift your head, arch your back downward, and put out your belly. You may draw your pelvis close to the floor.

Breath- ing should be slow and natural, not forced, to the rhythm of the ex- pansion and contraction of the abdomen. Then, while focusing, lie on your back and rest. You may place one hand on the area of your stomach to better observe the motions of the diaphragm. Genital Breathing Lying on your back, flex your legs and place your feet firmly on the floor. Then begin the genital breathing. This breathing consists of slow and deep abdominal respirations in which the belly is propelled for- ward during inhalation and drawn back in during exhalation.

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Squat Breathing Squat down with your heels firmly on the floor and the palms of your hands or the tips of your fingers braced on the floor. The arms are placed on the inside of the legs. Focus on the rhythmic motion of ab- dominal breathing. During inhalation we bring the belly forward and bring it back in when exhaling.

At each exhalation open your legs, imagining you are expelling air through the genitals.

Tao, Tantra, and the Kama Sutra

Then close your legs softly for an- other inhalation. Breathing with Pelvic Motion Lying on your belly, with your arms stretched forward, knees on the floor, and your toes braced securely on the floor, breathe deeply and slowly with your abdomen, enjoying the sensation and pushing your pelvis forward.

You don't need to perform the same exercises every day. The Flower This exercise helps tighten the perineum or pelvic zone, which starts in the anus and ends in the genitalia. It is excellent for toning the anal sphincter, thus preventing hemorrhoids and other inconveniences by activating circulation, while also stimulating the urogenital system. In w o m e n it strengthens the walls of the vagina, thus preventing the pos- sibility of anorgasmy. In men it decreases the likelihood of early ejacu- lation and impotence.

The man should sit on the floor with his back upright and his hands resting on his knees, with his palms facing up. He should first concentrate on his anal region by exerting pressure on his glutei. He should start with inhalations that are not too deep and hold the air in his chest while contracting his anus as tightly as possible. He should then extend the anal contraction forward until he feels a soft pull in his testicles inside the scrotum. U p o n releasing the air, he should re- lease the contraction and relax. The woman should do likewise, but should extend the pressure ex- erted on her anus forward until she feels a slight pull on the labia of the vagina.

The Star This exercise increases the sensitivity of the clitoris the star in women and the potency of the erection in men. Drink several glasses of water on an empty stomach. Then sit in the position described in the previous section, but this time concentrating on the urethral foramen the hole where the ure- thra ends. After an average inhalation, contract the urethral foramen just as you would when you try to stop the flow of urine.

Then relax the contraction and expel the air slowly. In both exercises, contractions should be repeated as often as possi- ble with the same retention of air. This will increase blood pressure in the area, which will cause a mild sexual excitement. That is why it is so important to achieve a deep mental and spiritual connection, both with one's mate and with one's own inner self. Steps to Achieve Pleasure Start by stimulating the erogenous zones.

The first caresses should start at the arms and legs.

Sex and the Perfect Lover : Tao, Tantra, and the Kama Sutra by Mabel Iam (2006, Paperback)

It is advisable not to start at the genital area, be- cause oftentimes this causes a certain sexual inhibition and the oppor- tunity is lost to tap the energy of more stimulating spots. Then move up to the arms and shoulders until reaching the chest. Continue up the legs and thighs until reaching the belly. If this is done by the man, it is important that afterward the woman do it the same way, because these routes represent the main energy meridians. Massages can be very exciting, especially if performed with some kind of moisturizing oil or cream.

Lovers should concentrate on a pink light while they massage each other. The elements that allow us to surprise ourselves and surprise our lover are what differentiate a magical couple from your regular, garden-variety sexual relationship. According to acupuncture, the zone that causes a better flow and lubrication in women is located about three inches above the ankle. This spot stimulates the awakening of the goddess. The sensorial stimuli are accompanied by the visualization of the heart and a total focus on physical pleasure. Little by little and without any kind of pressure, an impulse will emerge to very softly shift the caressing to the sexual organs.

For the woman, it will be very important to have certain areas stimulated continuously, such as the clitoris and the G-spot. Disciplined concentration by the man will enable him to delay ejaculation and therefore maintain an erection for a longer time.

During sexual relations, our body is stimulated all over.

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  • How can we take advantage of this erotic informa- tion within our reach? D e v e l o p i n g Erotic I n t e l l i g e n c e During sexual contact, concentration helps us recognize the body's various textures, which are infinite and subtle. There will be unex- plored spaces—smooth, rough, flexible, wet, hot, cold, firm, delicate, thin, and thick spaces. It is important to activate all the senses in order to enjoy sex creatively. Take a handkerchief and cover your eyes, focusing all your atten- tion on caressing each other.

    Investigating each other blindly sharpens our sense of hearing and helps us hear exciting whispers. Savoring the Taste There are around 10, taste buds that are used to differentiate the different flavors. H o w do they work? Inside the mouth, the taste buds are organized as follows: Sour flavors are registered on the sides of the tongue, bitter flavors on the back, salty flavors on the surface, and sweet flavors at the tip. The body issues different flavors in the course of a kiss.

    Recognizing each sensation generates greater satisfaction and ecstasy during the sexual act. Changing Positions Changing from one position to another during the sex act is very stimulating, but if lovers do not do it with sufficient erotic intelli- gence, it becomes merely a form of sexual athletics.

    Smell and Touch Place in water the petals of a flower, such as a jasmine or a rose, and wait until they dissolve on your fingers to create an instant sensual perfume. You can bring your partner to a state of rapture by touching him or her repeatedly with your perfumed hands. They can eat these foods, observe them, and taste them while listening to the sounds inside the mouth. In ad- dition, if these foods are placed on the body, they induce a strange and stimulating sensation. Foodstuffs may be varied: honey, cream, choco- late, sparkling wine—what is important is to allow ourselves to be playful.

    By using erotic intelligence and creativity in each sexual act, you can take advantage of the whole capacity of your brain and truly be- come a genius in the art of making love. Here we reveal the secrets of male and female multiple orgasms. Sexual excitement may be induced in several ways: involuntarily, as the result of sexual fantasies or images, or by direct stimulation through physical contact.

    The first sign that a person is getting excited is a rapid concentra- tion of blood on the surface of the body, which accumulates in the erogenous zones—the penis, the clitoris, and the vagina. This causes an erection of the penis in men and vaginal lubrication in women. To attain total pleasure, the partners must initiate the sexual rela- tion consciously.

    He must learn to maintain a state of relaxation in order to avoid reaching the point of ejaculation. The woman develops a better quality orgasm when the man succeeds in maintaining the erection for a longer time. The Straight Path to Multiple Orgasms In order to multiply satisfaction, the first step is to concentrate on the whole body and relax in order to generate a perfect chemistry.

    With practice, both lovers will be able to feel how each part of their bodies has a different sensitivity. W h e n the skin is stimulated by caresses, massages, or kisses, the body vibrates as a whole, like a single erogenous space—this is the principle that is going to enrich the erotic experience. It is important to know that with proper technique and the necessary knowledge of the body, men and women can achieve multiorgasmic experiences. Different Forms of Pleasure The mechanism of the orgasm can be explained as an explosive release of sexual energy.

    This explosion causes a muscular contraction throughout the body and subsequently results in complete relaxation. The Single Orgasm T h e single orgasm consists of a physiological sexual discharge that causes pleasure at that exact moment. In both sexes it can be induced through masturbation techniques, without the need for a partner. It lasts between two and ten seconds. T h e experience of each bodily contraction is multiplied, with two to ten minutes of rest for men. In women the orgasms can be more continuous, with differ- ent intensity and regularity.

    Orgasmic Chain Reaction This is a sequence of continuous orgasms to the point where they be- come one single long orgasm, consisting of six to twelve orgasms n o n - stop.

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    In this case, the man ejaculates only during the last period of orgasmic contractions. In the woman, once she starts, the release of pleasure won't stop. W h e n the woman controls the orgasmic chain re- action, the moment in which the erotic session ends depends on her wishes. Orgasmic control will depend on psychological and emotional aspects, provided the woman has been able to achieve this maximum stage of utmost pleasure.

    Refractory Period This is the resting period that ensues after an orgasm—it is the time needed by the body to recover after the orgasmic discharge and to be able to become excited again. In the case of women, this phase can last between one and ten minutes, depending on the lover's suitable stimula- tion. In men, the refractory stage lasts longer, between fourteen to twenty minutes, depending on the appropriate motivation by their mates. T h e refractory period will also depend on the age of the lovers, how much they have practiced, and the experiences they have had together.

    Sexual pleasure is unlimited when the mind is liberated through the true knowledge of all our sexual potential. We will explain the positions in the following pages. Unlike Chinese bedroom books, which emphasize methods, the Kama Sutra is devoted to classifying sexual relations with astonishing attention to detail and postures, but leaving ample room for spontane- ity, which belongs in the spiritual realm.

    The woman props her forearms on the bed while the man "lifts" her by the legs and places himself standing up behind her to penetrate her while holding her thighs. Stimulation and pleasure are concentrated in the partners' genitals, but it is the man w h o sets the rhythm of the act, drawing her body to- ward his. Her legs may close up or open up wide, as preferred by the part- ners, who may engage in changing the angle.

    The variety of motions circular, ascending and descending allowed by this posture is astonish- ing and very exciting. The sensations are intense. The woman, with her legs open, allows herself to be penetrated by accommodating herself in the space remaining be- tween his legs and his trunk, with the man's arms surrounding her legs. The man presses his knees against the body of his mate, drawing her to himself and causing their bodies to engage in a rhythmic motion while kissing her breasts, which are close to his face.

    The pleasure of breast stimulation is delightful for the woman and arousing for the man. The woman, with her neck bent backward in a gesture of submission, enjoys the incredible pleasure provided by her mate. This is an excellent position for anal sex. The woman who dares to live this anal sex experience will be able to complete and integrate her body as a perfect universe to love and enjoy without stopping to check on the quality or quantity of eroti- cism.

    The moves must be soft and coordinated and penetration deep and slow. Both bodies fit each other perfectly, as would two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The fact that the woman's legs are held together combined with squeezing can exert an ideal pressure on the penis and at the same time cause a pleasant friction on the clitoris. This last aspect makes it an ideal position for women who have problems reaching orgasm. They only have to relax and enjoy it fully. The man takes the woman by the wrists while he feels an over- whelming joy toward her.

    Then he leans back, relaxing slowly until he falls back completely. It is important for the woman to remain relaxed and to give herself up to the strength of her lover, w h o draws her in with his arms and engages in the powerful thrusts needed for the act of lovemaking. This position combines several movements. It requires agility and a re- laxed surrender on the part of the woman, and strength and skill on the part of the man. Both balance and complement each other. This position is ideal for changing the routine and for experiencing new emotions.

    She then lets him hold her legs, with her partner kneeling at the end of her body and propping his other arm on the floor. The man penetrates her, subdues her, and controls her, varying the direction of the penetration and the opening of the legs. Their faces can't get near each other and the man's hands can do very little in this position, which generates an extremely arousing anx- iety.

    T h e two bodies run the race together to reach orgasm, bestowing on each other the most varied gestures of pleasure, sensuality, affection, and eroticism. T h e woman lies on her side with her back turned to her partner, and he mounts her from the back.

    This way, the bodies fit each other in a posi- tion that is ideal for very affectionate couples who enjoy demonstrating the tenderness they feel toward each other. With a bit of skill combined with much excitement, the woman takes her flexed outer leg and places it on the man's coccyx, thus opening the door to pleasure. The man penetrates her by using his lover's leg as an erotic lever bracing on the support of his hip.

    The flattering words the man is able to whisper in his partner's ear, because it is so close to his mouth, provide the perfect compliment to achieve the utmost delight, in addition to ardent kisses. The woman, upon just listening to him, lets herself be taken over by the rhythm of his kisses, while she shows her lover all the effects his potency has on her through her expressions of intense pleasure.

    Penetration goes halfway, which is why the pleasure is enhanced by the desire to make penetration deep and cause the explosion of the most exciting orgasm. Orgasm always comes in this position, and multi- ple experiences of pleasure become concrete and unforgettable feelings for the woman. She lies down by the edge of the bed and places her flexed legs to one side of her body each woman will know which side is most com- fortable for her. This enables her to keep the clitoris trapped between the best allies she has to reach the prized orgasm—the labia of her vagina. The woman can contract and relax that entire region, while the man, kneeling in front of her, penetrates her softly.

    To turn this position into a true delicacy, it is suitable for the man, while penetrating her, to caress her breasts and for the woman to groan with pleasure to arouse her partner. She places herself on top of the man and sets the rhythm of the sexual relation by bracing her feet on the floor. It is ideal for active women who are a bit domineering and like to set the sexual rhythm in a relationship. For the man, this is an extraordinary experience because in this p o - sition he can incorporate the yin energy, which is more passive, and in addition be able to relax in the course of the sexual act.

    In turn he can touch her breasts and pull the hair of his mate while she moves. The visual angle made possible by this variation is one of the most exciting angles for the man, since he is able to see close at hand each thrust he performs on his partner. And the woman will get much pleas- ure from the idea of knowing that she is in control of the sexual act and that the man knows it. The woman sits comfortably on the space he's formed with his body.

    In this position, the protective feelings of both partners come to the fore. Assisted by his arms and hands, the man finds the satisfactory point of encounter for both and places his partner on his erection, controlling the sexual rhythm. Her legs are braced on the shoulders of her mate, who has his head trapped and wrapped between her thighs. The man can touch her cli- toris while he forcefully grabs her by her waist. The distance between the faces and the daring aspect of this pro- posal endow this position with an extremely sensual quality.

    She stretches a leg backward and wraps it around his waist. This position is ideal for well-endowed men w h o al- ways had experiences in the traditional position, and for very flexible women who want to place their whole body at the disposal of their mate. Additionally, it fulfills several longings of fantasy-driven minds. First of all, she is in front of him and at the same time has access to his face and neck, and he has access to her face and neck.

    Secondly, he has com- fortable access to her clitoris and is able to touch and feel the breasts of his lover. She relaxes her whole body and places her hands on the floor in an attitude of surrender and of confidence in her partner. The man "surprises" the woman from behind, setting the erotic rhythm almost completely. For her, pleasure is concentrated because of the opening angle of the vagina, which, being narrow, provokes a very intense, pleasant sensa- tion. For him, the most powerful sensation expands upward from the glans, which comes into and out of the vagina at will and caresses the clitoris in the most daring moves as it comes out.

    In addition, the man's visual field covers her anus, her buttocks, and her back, zones that are very erogenous for many people. T h e domination exerted by the man on the woman together with her complete relaxation may foster play- fulness in the man, w h o while seducing his lover is able to play around with her anus. If she already knows the experience, the woman may ap- proach the sensation of pleasure caused by her lover's anal penetration. This position is ideal for those w h o love the most savage and prim- itive forms of sexual intercourse.

    In this position, the man surrenders to the woman's will. She de- scends on his penis and introduces it into her vagina whenever she wishes. Before penetration, they may kiss, rub each other's breasts, hug, caress each other's back, and place the glans in her vagina and rub it against the clitoris, creating a pleasant and very different sensation, an al- most unique one.

    After being very much desired, the penetration will come with infinite pleasure at the end. In the course of the love act, if he can't surrender patiently to her moves, he'll be able to set the rhythm by grabbing her by the waist and drawing her body to his. Since the partners are face to face, this offers the exciting opportu- nity to observe each other, rejoice together, talk, and kiss each other on the mouth until achieving the much desired orgasm. The legs may be stretched or bent, depending on the partners' comfort. The heads of both partners should be relaxed.

    Sex and the perfect lover : tao, tantra

    The woman assumes the active role on this occasion, passing her legs over her lover and support- ing herself by bracing her arms behind her body. To be totally successful in this position, stimulation must be intense, since during penetration this position prevents manual contact and contact of the mouths of the partners. The woman sets the rhythm and establishes the genital encounter with a very marked motion.

    It is essential to have the clitoris take full advantage of the impacts with her lover's body in order to maintain the excitement until the moment she decides to explode with pleasure, provided her lover keeps the rhythm with a good erection. The look is a fundamental component, but so is sensual and provocative communication, since erotic words provide a very strong sexual charge to the love act. Both resources looks and words can be unbelievable weapons used to enjoy this position and achieve a com- plete "fusion. The man can use all his sexual magnetism and enjoy his own energy in this posture.

    T h e woman lies on her back with her legs open, waiting for her partner to penetrate her, while he sits down and holds her by her shoulders to regulate the motion. Their legs become intertwined in a sensual and pleasant manner. The male organ penetrates and withdraws, deviating its movement downward, since the body of the woman is slightly higher than the body of the man. He can then explore the woman's G-spot and all of her genital area in order to give his partner everything she loves. It provides a lot of security for couples in which the woman needs the man's bodily, sexual, and emotional protection.

    The state of being face to face makes for a large number of variations to this position, which makes it an attractive and exciting one. The m o - bility of the hands, the closeness of the faces, and the comfort of the bodies are some of the advantages that made it famous. The lovers should not fear trying new types of contact during the love act in this position.

    She can touch her mate's glutei and anal areas. He can rub her clitoris or allow her to do it herself. The legs of both partners may be closer together in order to create a certain degree of difficulty in the penetration. This is a position that many lovers identify with the love and ro- mance they experienced at the beginning of their life as a couple.

    It is worth it to experience it at the various stages of their sexual life and to profit to the utmost from all its advantages. This variation of the "face to face" is a position that favors women who can't reach orgasm easily because they need a very active and direct stimula- tion of the clitoris and labia. In this variation of the love act, the woman can rub her clitoris against the body of her lover, and, due to her dominating position, can move easily and with greater bodily freedom.

    Additionally, the man can touch with joy his mate's buttocks and play around with his fingers in search of the complete satisfaction of both partners. In this position, the woman can seduce her lover in many ways. One of them is to touch and expertly caress his genital area. W h e n the male organ reaches its maximum erection, she takes it and assists in the penetration. Then, with her hands, she sensually cooperates in the sex- ual maneuvers.

    If both lovers desire, the man can impose his will by pressing the woman slowly against his member while looking her in the eyes. The passion of the embrace, the playful games with the tongue, the kisses, and the soft massages or caresses on each other's backs cause shud- ders in the partner and are some of the additions that make this position a very sensual one.

    Male submission can be totally sexually stim- ulating for a couple, especially for those partners who have been in a relationship for a long time. The man lies down, surrendering his body to his partners will. The encounter may start with caresses and kisses performed by her on him. He always remains in the same position, but she may eventually turn her back to him. The woman controls the movements by aiding herself with her arms.

    Deep penetration is made possible by this position. It is very erotic for the couple to have their eyes meet when she shows her face over her shoulder. In addition, the man has easy access to his lover's anal area and buttocks. It is the woman who regulates the speed of the sexual rhythm and of their movements. As she moves, both can enjoy the anal and genital stimulation of this position, which is a very adequate variation of the love act.

    The woman should get close to the edge of a bed or chair. Her lover kneels down in order to penetrate his mate with his genital area at the same height as her vagina. The woman, feeling very relaxed, throws her body backward and opens her legs to receive her lover. At the same time, she surrounds his body with her legs. She can set the sexual rhythm in this position, but if both have a motion that is harmonic, full, and open, the mutual delight will be explosive.

    The woman, with her legs raised and open, waits for her lover to penetrate her. Then she raises her legs to the utmost until they reach above his shoulders. The man then braces his hands on the floor to regulate the rhythm of the act. Many women may feel this position is complicated, uncomfortable, or painful, but it has to be experienced.

    The excitement felt by the man in this position is moving, and the pleasure that can be shared is ex- traordinary. This position provides an absolute penetration and a unique genital contact when the testicles are placed on the glutei and the clitoris is pressed by the opening of the legs.

    The difficulty in kissing and the distance between the faces may be interesting for the partners when they draw near each other's mouths and feel limited by their bodies. Both can play around with the irony of flexibility and the love they feel in the need to get near, while having to contain each other. He penetrates her facing her legs. The differ- ence in sensation is remarkable: the clitoris and the labia are in full con- tact with the male pelvis and genital area.

    The most intense penetration is achieved through deep circular motions. The fact that the lovers can't see each other's faces gives a mysteri- ous flavor to this position. The novelty of the caresses surprises and en- riches the relationship. The woman can caress her mate's buttocks or softly stick her nails on the back side of his knees. The man can attempt to suck the feet of his lover and lightly bite her toes.

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    They can both also draw their hands near the genitals that are fusing passionately with each other. The man lies down, relaxed but excited, with his penis totally erect. The woman sits facing away from him and lets him penetrate her while flexing her knees and tilting her body backward so her lover can per- form deep penetrations of her vagina. To activate the motions needed for the act, the woman should lift her waist and relax on her mate. The man thus has easier access to her clitoris and genital area.

    She should relax the rest of her body. The decline in muscle tone for each area of the body is what makes this position so special, since the woman can reach an explosive orgasm that will leave her exhausted. The woman is lying on her back with her legs open and flexed, bracing her arms behind her shoulders. W h e n her partner is ready to penetrate her, she raises her hips and perches herself on the flexed legs of her mate.

    The pleasure she receives is focused on the deep penetration and es- pecially on feeling her whole vaginal and abdominal areas covered and protected by the heat of her lover's skin. When this position stays firm, lovers experience formidable pleasure during orgasm, especially if, by keeping adequate sexual rhythm, they achieve a synchronized climax. For this position, the woman kneels with her flexed hands and her bent knees on the floor.

    The man places himself behind her, in the same position but covering his lover's body. In order to be more comfortable, the woman can support her body by placing her arms on the floor, bending her waist, and opening her legs to expose her vulva. It is very useful for both to put a big cushion or pillow beneath their knees to protect them. The man takes the woman by the waist and penetrates her deeply through the vagina or the anus, according to the couple's needs and de- sires.

    He can add to the penetration by touching the breasts of his mate. Or, if he wishes to achieve a special kind of satisfaction, he can perform the penetration more slowly and brace an arm on the floor in order to sustain the fused bodies in the air. The almost complete control exerted by the man adds a very excit- ing component to this position. The man kneels and receives his partner while she places her glutei over the legs of her lover.

    The woman can stretch her legs over the man's torso or bend her knees by placing the soles of her feet on his chest. This is very exciting for the man when the woman is able to play on his chest with the soles of her feet. The man has easy access to his lover's clitoris, which is why he is able to stimulate her genital area with his hands. In turn, the woman can perform a sensual motion with the shifting and raising of her hips. The rhythm is set by both partners, depending on the desire, passion, and flexibility of each. To have sex in this position, both lovers must feel a sense of great surrender.

    Both are naked, standing up and face to face to love each other. She goes up her partner's body and hangs by his shoulders in order to em- brace her lover's body with her arms and legs. He grabs her by the but- tocks and draws her toward his body in order to penetrate her. The rhythm of the love act can be set in two ways: up and down or back and forward, depending on the intensity, surrender, time, potency, and the need to experience a vigorous erotic rhythm. This way the man can easily stimulate the breasts of his lover, and the woman can place her buttocks on her part- ner in order to perform deep circular motions.

    In this position, penetration is not complete, but it is a very power- ful game prior to a more intense act of lovemaking. If she keeps up her sensual motions, the woman will oftentimes attain a more explosive orgasm. If the man relaxes and supports his whole body while the woman gets up slightly, the fusion causes a deeper penetration.

    Her hands can touch her lover's chest during the love act. The man can stimulate the clitoris, and the woman can increase the pleasure for both by performing deep tactual stimulation of his erogenous zone. With her legs together and tucked in, the woman can press against the man's penis and feel it more intensely while she lies on her side and relaxes her head backward. Penetration can be anal or vaginal, as preferred by the couple. If movements are soft and coordinated, and penetration deep and slow, the bodies fit together and fuse as if they were pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

    This position reinforces the friction on the clitoris, which is satisfy- ing for her and tremendously exciting for him. These include stress, financial problems, changes in schedule when a child is born, routine, and lack of communication. But it also happens that two lovers, after a certain period, lose sex- ual desire without any apparent cause. W h y does the sexual chemistry that prevailed at the beginning of the relationship cease to exist?

    H o w can intense eroticism be kept alive or elicited as time goes by? Sexuality is an art and the highest point of pleasure is not the or- gasm, but rather a state of ecstasy for an unlimited time. You need not be a sexual athlete to achieve this. Look for Complicity Be alert to your mate's looks and thoughts. Find the proper moment, anywhere and at any time, to let that person know something with the wink of an eye. Use secret codes that have meaning for the two of you. Tempt your partner to make love in some "forbidden" place or one that will bring much excitement for you both.

    Celebrate Different Events in Intimacy R e m e m b e r moments in which you both had that chemistry and honor those moments with a toast. Use flowers, special fragrances, and candles to create a romantic atmosphere and to increase excitement to the ut- most. Watch How You Make Love Do you make love mechanically as if it were just one more routine, or do you surrender without limitations? Pay attention to your lover's re- actions, looks, and gestures, and caress his or her whole body with a great discharge of eroticism with each move. If that's not the case, try to.

    Stimulate and Sexually Provoke Your Lover Provoke your lover sexually, and then draw back and do something else until your partner seeks you out, burning with desire. Playfulness is an element that generates a lot of passion in one's partner. Don't Forget to Communicate When you are with your partner, express your love for him or her, and reveal the burning in your heart for him or her.

    This constant affirma- tion is an indispensable step in maintaining the chemistry of love.

    Sex and the Perfect Lover: Tao, Tantra, and the Kama Sutra |

    These "post cards" gener- ate different emotions, sometimes even frustration or impotence. These negative memories provoke in us a deep fear of repeating a particularly unsatisfactory sexual experience. Recent studies have discovered the "brain m a p " that organizes ac- quired knowledge. By means of these mental plans, we are able to consciously replace undesirable data with more pleasant information. We can indeed develop our erotic intelligence in order to feel pleas- ure again without associating our new sexual experiences with bad memories.

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