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George E. Allen, then about 18, appealed to the president to change his decision. To that end, Allen and members of the baseball team talked a pro team from Nashville into suiting up and playing baseball as Cumberland. The opponent: Georgia Tech. It was a loss he never forgot or forgave. Thus, only a few months after his baseball team lost to Cumberland, Heisman received a letter informing him that the Tennessee school had dropped football and, therefore, Cumberland would be unable to field a team for the scheduled Oct.

Under other circumstances Heisman might have scheduled a different opponent or taken a bye week. But he was still angry and in no mood to let Cumberland off the hook. If, however, Cumberland did not field a team on Oct.

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Heisman, who had earned a law degree at Penn, laid the legal language on thick. Allen considered the letter. Allen set about recruiting among his law school colleagues. Many were willing enough but few of them had ever played football. There was also the issue of where to conduct practices, since Allen was keen to hide his plan from school officials. The rag-tag team never obtained equipment but solved the uniform problem the night it left for Atlanta by breaking into nearby Castle Heights High School and stealing its uniforms. Another problem for Allen: It was unlikely his team would be able to learn any sophisticated plays in time for the game.

Allen applied his ingenuity to the puzzle and came up with a workable system that his team understood: Each player was assigned the name of a vegetable. This was the era of a no-huddle offense, so the Cumberland signal-caller would be able to call the play before the snap and literally describe what was supposed to happen. It made an easy system for Cumberland players to identify plays, but Allen made no allowance for the possibility that after a few possessions the Georgia Tech players might get on a first-name basis with the Cumberland vegetables.

He had more than one score to settle. At the time, sportswriters selected national champions solely based on the number of points each team scored.

These films provide examples of:

Heisman disagreed with this practice, arguing that the relative strength of opponents and schedules should be factored in. He saw the Cumberland game as a chance to run up the score to prove his point--did it make Georgia Tech a better team because it was able to trounce a weak team? As it sat in the station, Allen and others disembarked, hoping to recruit football players from the nearby Vanderbilt campus. Not only did no Vanderbilt players agree to make the trip, the Cumberland team lost three players who failed to show up when the train left the station.

There was one addition from the stopover: J. Cumberland arrived in Atlanta and Allen, unwise in the ways of pregame preparation, took his team to the outskirts of town and ordered his players to run back into Atlanta.

The game took place on a cool and windy day. Heisman had already decided to platoon his team. He named two squads, one to play each half. He told the players that he would buy the better team a steak dinner. That set off a torrent of scoring that Cumberland could not slow.

Georgia Tech scored every time it had the ball. Cumberland had so little success advancing the ball it took to punting on first down. Even in an era of high-scoring games, it was obvious that this was headed to historic proportions. A sportswriter for the Atlanta Journal called in the improbable halftime score, , to his office. His editors, thinking he was drunk, hung up on him. Be alert, men! The game was a statistical heaven, or grim record, depending on your allegiance. The most noteworthy Cumberland stat: Leading rusher, Morris Gougher, gained minus two yards in five carries.

Leading passer Leon McDonald completed two of 11 passes for 14 yards, but threw four interceptions. Three were returned for touchdowns. In the life of a canine pet, nothing else matters. In fact, nothing else exists! It kind of sounds like the life of a child! This dog only likes to chew shoes that fit the left foot. What on earth could this mean? Is this dog superstitious? Who knows. For all we know, the dog may have sat on the cat on purpose. We like to imagine that these two are like two peas in a pod and that any harm that one inflicts on the other is either a result of playing together or from a genuine accident.

To be honest, we can handle the staring. We wish we could say the same about the farting. Normally, the answer to the question on the sign is simply — Spongebob Squarepants, of course! However, the photo seems to imply that the dog took Spongebob out of his pineapple home and had him for dessert!

What a tragic ending to what seemed to be a pretty funny show! RIP Spongebob. It can come in many forms, and it has destroyed many lives. This is one particular addiction though that we did not know existed. Hey, at least this little pooch is coming clean about his obvious problem. Every pet owner has been there before, especially when dogs are involved. If food is in the vicinity, your hound is bound to be lurking in the shadows, crying out for some leftovers. Or, they might just come up close and sneeze on the meal, hoping that you will just give it to them out of pity.

Despite their reputation, dogs are surprisingly creative. They love taking the most mundane objects and transforming them into something with a new purpose.

Hungry Homicide

This dog chose to take the cover of a sofa armrest and make a poncho out of it! Despite the mischief, he looks incredibly cute. Ellie looks so ashamed of what she did. It looks like she may need to go to AA after her recent endeavors. It serves her right for eating 12 chocolate liquor bottles! The idea of her projectile vomiting after getting so drunk is absolutely stunning.

We imagine that this is the day after. Just lock up that liquor to avoid another banana skin! Maybe he will redeem himself one day. He knows he has destroyed something beautiful. A symbol of hope and exploration for many kids around the world. All he had to do was play calmly with his toy. Now, this image is all over the internet.

What a tragic turn of events. Here is another example of an odd couple that just works, at least, for one half of the relationship. This dog seems to like humping the cat and wears the pet shame sign with pride. Sometimes, in a relationship, you have to make compromises. Everyone approaches Christmas in different ways. Some love it and some hate it. Then there are some who have no idea what is going on. This normally applies to babies and animals.

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Like this dog, for example. Poor thing. Doing something to warrant a pet shame note is one thing, but to eat it afterward takes audacity to the next level!

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As you can see, it has already been taking numerous chomps out of the note. This appears to be one of the more charming pet shame signs on this list, and it was nine months in the making. This cat must have had some fun nights on the farm she lives on. However, there seems to be one particular night that changed her life forever. After many months of guilt and shame, she finally gave birth to a litter of adorable kittens.

Although no one knows who or where the father is, this new mommy looks reasonably content. These days, technology makes the world go round.

Revenge of the dog team

Many families find it difficult to balance their pets with their ever-growing presence of technology. You are not going to believe this. This particular situation is going to cast a new light on the way were look at pet shame signs forever! When this adorable hound saw that his owners had a book that was dedicated to the viral images, he took it as a personal insult to the entire pet community.

In an extreme fit of rage and vengeance, he ripped the book to shreds and started devouring it page by page. However, as a result of his curiosity, he ended up destroying the cables to the charger of virtually every electronic device in this household. It might be time to kick this little guy to the curb.

Either that, or bring in the feline brigade. Another curious pet came in the form of this adorable, shaggy dog. Subsequentially, the little opportunist rose to the occasion and went scavenging for food. So, what was on the menu? Also, the owner probably could have made good use of that cash!

Maybe this is the time that his owners come back from work and want the door locked. Some people bite their nails, while some rip the labels off beer bottles. This guy bites a door. This little pup obviously bit off more than she could chew. Sometimes, when you are absolutely starving, it is difficult to decide when enough is enough. Although she will still get as hungry as ever, she might want to think twice about how much food she has.

This is one pet shame that seems crazy that it could possibly be true. It turns out this dog only barks at Mexican people. It seems like such a random connection. How on earth could a pop band make a rabbit defecate? This does present the question though: could other bands provoke other reactions? Could Black Sabbath make a cat eat a bat? Or could Britney Spears make a dog hit their owner one more time? We are sure that this owner has sugarcoated the reason that this dog is being pet-shamed. There is no doubt that this could pose serious health issues for the little hound.

Starladder. Revenge vs Team Dog. 18.03.2014

Also, as you can see in this photo, they spill their food all over the place. So we propose an idea: either give every single dog on the planet a pet shame sign for this very reason or leave our canine friends alone! They all do it. One thing is for sure — dogs are creatures of habit. If you mix things up in their life, just a little, they are bound to do something unexpected too. Take this sad boy, for example. The moment that his owner decided to do things a little differently in the household, all hell broke loose.

He decided to break the blinds. We doubt that the signs here are painting a completely true picture of what happened. We firmly believe that the cat had a huge part to play in this and has threatened his canine roommate to pretend that it was all of his own doing. I am the real villain.

Dogs always get very over excited when the grocery delivery comes, maybe even more so than the other members of the family. When this cute little guy saw an opportunity to go for the butter, he took it and tried to hide the evidence. Pillow fights can escalate quickly and get out of control. This puppy labrador chose to have a pillow fight by himself, but left as much mess as if quite a few people were involved. There was absolutely no opportunity to hide any of the evidence, this dog was well and truly caught. Instead of scolding the little guy, his mom decided to name and shame him, documenting the events in the way that the dog said they happened.

These two little dogs were not behaving in a adult manner and their owner decided to call them out on it. Those are two very guilty faces and they know what they have done is wrong. Although one is far more disgusting than the other, they are equally at fault and we can only imagine that they were punished accordingly. We hope this was the last time that they did this and the public shaming was enough to get them to stop. Dogs always want to be close to their owners, being cuddles and loved at all times. This dog was clearly having separation anxiety at night when its owners were asleep, so did whatever it could to get their attention.

However, this cry for attention came at a major cost and this naughty dog was keeping its owners up all night with its loud barking and unusual noises. Time to get a dog trainer in, if you ask us! This dog had absolutely no excuse when it came to relieving himself in the back of the car. His eyes are full of life and innocence, and he probably just thought the cord was a toy! If you look this cute, you can pretty much get away with anything.

As you can see, Lucky is not impressed at all, having been dragged around the house and played with against its will. The owner of this dog decided to crown him with the throne! This seems appropriate after the hound tore the toilet lid off the seat! What makes this image so priceless is that it is perfectly shaped to fit around his head while he just sits there in shame. Also, the inside of the lid is the perfect place to put a pet shaming sign.

If you are a casual fan of hip-hop, you know for sure that this dog-owner is a diehard lover of the classic group A Tribe Called Quest. This is due to the fact that one of the members of the band was called Phife Dawg, who recently passed away.

" Dog revenge - upon daisys death etc etc " :: RimWorld General Discussions

We speculate that someone named this cutie in honor of the late great rapper. However, it seems like the dog is just as mischievous as the original Phife. We doubt that this adorable dog knew that it was the crucifix of Jesus Christ that he was trying to devour. At any rate, it appears that the dog knows what it tried to do was wrong and dare we say, sinful. As a result, he has demonstrated his repentance by laying the cross in front of him and show that he can lie there without chewing on it ever again.

God bless this dog who has fully redeemed themselves. Many kids are lucky enough to grow up with a dog in the household. Babies look up to them in awe and as they grow, still consider the dog to be one of their siblings. So when your pet does something inappropriate, like the dog in this photo, it is natural that your kids might want to copy their canine role model. As a result, the parents have split up the kids and everyone gets the chance to have a timeout. It looks like this hound is auditioning for a role in the next Terminator movie.

The Terminator is all about the potential threat of machines taking over the world. Our theory is that this dog was sent from the future to prevent Roombas from making the world a pristine place. In that case, shame on you doggy! We want a clean world! If you have not seen The Walking Dead , then you might not get the following pet shaming sign.

Long story short, Rick Grimes is the main character and he is trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, as well as a legion of terrible human beings. Obviously, the dog owner of Jasmine is a big fan and even bought a toy of the iconic TV character. We like to think that dogs love their neighbors like they love themselves. For all we know, the dog probably thought that the food was for him.